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सत्यमेव जयते मूवी रिव्यू


Satyameva Jayate Movie Info

Directed by: Milap Zaveri
Starring by: John Abraham, Manoj Bajpayee, Aisha Sharma, 
Genres: Action, Thriller, 
Categories: Bollywood Featured, Bollywood Movies 2018, 
Country: India
Language: Hindi
The whole movie goes on teaching some good lessons and lessons of good and evil and patriotism.Heavy dialogues have been written for the film, but he is getting heavily on the film itself. The battle of Manoj Bajpai and John Abraham could have been shown better, but the script failed in it.

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Artists' performance is much better than the director Milk Pavari's vision.John Abraham has 
commanded the lead in the form of a lead. While tearing the tire and beating the bad guys, 
they have played the role of an Angry Young Man with complete perseverance and energy. Manoj 
Bajpey is in his top form. His acting of a strong and honest policeman makes the film a bit 
stronger. Newcomer Ayesha Sharma looked quite convinced on the camera, though she needs to do 
a bit more work on dialogues.

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Satyamev Jayate is trying to sell the old idea of ​​waiting and good years, but it is difficult 
to digest due to its super-critical performance. Because of John Abraham, you can expect good 
action in it, but sometimes it becomes terrible. The truth is that the story of the film is 
quite relevant in today's time but the way of saying this story in the film makes it weak.

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