A Bike Accident Has Left This 16-Year-Old Girl Fight For Every Breath

[ditty_news_ticker id=”54″] Story “She’s been living on liquids every day for the past one month. She can’t talk, breathe or eat on her own anymore. I call out to her and say “Chinni, I’m here for you. Don’t worry anymore, I’m here.” But all she can do is look at me and cry. On some days she […]

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Even Heavy Doses Of Chemotherapy Aren’t Enough To Save This 7-Year-Old

[ditty_news_ticker id=”51″] Manya can barely turn to the other side of the bed, she lies there crying in pain. Her mother, Mamatha is careful while holding her. Even the mother’s touch is painful for this 7-year-old who is suffering from a deadly cancer. Her parents thought they will lose her when she suffered a massive […]

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